How Can We Serve You?

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Personal Connection

We believe that ministry is about building relationships with Christ and with each other. If you have questions about your faith or are looking for a group to join let us know. We are here to journey with you and connect you with great people who are living life to the fullest!


Parish Support

Whether your parish has a pastoral team dynamically engaged with families and youth, or  it seems as though there are no young people to be found, we want to provide you with the support and resources you need to take Family & Youth Ministry to the next level in your community.


Diocesan Events & Networking

We have the joy of coordinating or simply promoting projects and events that are open to the whole Archdiocese of Ottawa. We do our best to stay connected with all the Catholic schools, groups, and movements in town that serve families, youth, and young adults. 



Did you Know?

The Family & Youth Ministry Office is part of English Pastoral Services. In addition to our focus on families and youth, we take on several special projects as need to assist with fulfilling the vision of the Archdiocese of Ottawa. Find out more about Pastoral Services here.



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